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A Personal Guilt Ep. 4

Saturday, October 3, 2020

September's episode is about the way Kelly defines guilt - it is very different from the dictionary definition and is a really useful construct. I give a very personal example of my recent experience of being stuck because of experiencing guilt and how I was able to reconstrue and move on. I hope this helps you to understand what it is about and how you might help someone else or yourself.

You can find out more about Kelly’s definition of guilt in The Psychology of Personal Constructs Vol. 1, Chapter 10, Dimensions of Transition.

Bannister’s (2005) helpful rewording of Kelly is in an interesting chapter:

“Your core role structure is what you understand yourself to be.… guilt is experienced not because one has defied and upset social taboos but because you have misread yourself.”

Bannister, D. (2005): the Logic of Passion. Chapter 2 in Fransella, F. (Ed.) (2005) The Essential Practitioner’s Handbook of Personal Construct Psychology.