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Construing your admin tasks: why are some more difficult for you? Ep. 34

Saturday, April 1, 2023

This episode explores the difficulty of getting some tasks done and refers to an exercise you can download from this website's resources page.

This exercise follows a process for exploring your personal construing of the admin tasks you have to do. It is not specific to an age for use (even children have their tasks at school and home), nor to a profession (a homemaker has many admin tasks). So, I hope it can be used with anyone.

Understanding why some are more challenging for you is important to finding your own solutions. The way you construe your work will impact on your construing of the tasks you choose to do first, and those you find more painful. I decided to make this because I know people can experience a lot of guilt (Kelly’s definition is about being aware that you are ‘playing’ a role in a way that makes you feel very uncomfortable or even feel that you are failing in the role - see my podcast episode to learn more about this: Drawing the Ideal Self podcast episode 4).

This technique is is designed for you to try alone, inviting your reflection on persistent issues. Hopefully, you might find something that makes your position make more sense and reduce self-criticism. By then end, I hope you will be able to find ways forward to address things in your own way, based on your construing.

It would be even better to use it in a pair, working to support understanding and growth in each other.