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Dr. Emily Strong: Using PCP to explore the Speaking and Non-Speaking Self. Ep.39

Sunday, August 27, 2023

You may be thinking about how you might use PCP in research. This episode features an interview with Dr. Emily Strong, Educational Psychologist, whose research has focussed on children who speak selectively. This is one of the tricky issues to get around, especially when we need to explore a child or young person’s views. The interview with Emily you will hear what she did and what she found through her work. Her thesis is available online and I would encourage you to read it for the research and for the literature review. If you would like to follow up and ask Emily for the resources she uses, you can contact her using the details below.


Strong, E.V. (2019). We do have a voice: using a Personal Construct Psychology technique to explore how children and young people with Selective Mutism construct their current and ‘ideal’ selves. Unpublished thesis. School of Education, The University of Birmingham.


For more information about this technique, please contact Dr Emily Strong: