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How could choosing to serve a longer prison sentence ever make sense? Ep. 41

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

This month’s episode will consider how validation is a more useful construct than reinforcement when we wonder why someone made a challenging choice. It also summarises a paper about the impact of wrongful imprisonment on a person. The paper is freely available - details below. A dilemma faced by one such prisoner is used as an example. I have been thinking about that situation ever since I heard about it - it made me think again about my core constructs. 

I hope you find it interesting and useful. Please let me know if you do. It helps me to know whether what I am doing makes sense to other people. If you are a regular listener, I would love to know that too. You can email me at drawingtheidealself@icloud.com


Brooks, S.K, Greenberg, N. (2020). Psychological impact of being wrongfully accused of criminal offences: A systematic literature review. Medicine, Science and the Law. 2021;61(1):44-54. doi:10.1177/0025802420949069