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The personal meaning of our bags. Ep. 5

Saturday, October 31, 2020

October’s episode is about the importance of the choice of a bag and its contents. This was inspired by an episode of Thinking Allowed (BBC Radio 4) where a paper was discussed about handbags and identity in dementia, and I give an outline of what they had to say. It made me think more about the bag in Drawing the Ideal Self and the way a bag and its contents illustrate the construing of self - both non-ideal and ideal. You can read the paper free using the link below.

Women with dementia and their handbags: negotiating identity, privacy and 'home' through material culture.

Use, C. & Twigg, J. (2014) Journal of Ageing Studies, Aug; 30:14-22


The psychology of stuff and things. 

Christian Jarrett on our lifelong relationship with objects


What’s in your man bag? https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandhealth/gallery/2008/mar/28/fashion1

Identity Kit series of photos of the bags of homeless people by Moyra Peralta


Interview with Moyra Peralta about her photos of homeless people: 


Handbags as time capsules of self-identity: