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Thinking about Kelly’s version of aggressiveness. Ep.18

Monday, November 29, 2021

It is coming up to the new year and you might be thinking of making some changes in your life - maybe starting something, or stopping something. I thought it could be useful to think about Kelly’s version of aggressiveness which has a different meaning from the dictionary definition. Exploring the implication of changes before making them will help you to anticipate their potential impact - your own and other people’s construing may not be similar. I have tried to find a useful reference about implications grids but there is nothing easily found online to go with the chapter references below.

I think you could do a really simple implications exploration by noting the implications of the change for the people below. Remember the last podcast about roles and think about construe your change or development and how they might respond to you.


Your partner

Your immediate family (may be parents/children/siblings)

Your work colleagues

Your friends

Other relevant peopleIf you could like a reminder of Kelly’s definition of anxiety, listen to the September 2021 edition.


Implications grid http://pcp-net.org/encyclopaedia/imp-grid.html

The Great British Sewing Bee BBC TV  - just in case you have never seen it