About Heather Moran & publications

About me

I am a psychologist working with children and families in the NHS, UK. I am also qualified as an educational psychologist and keep contacts with that world through teaching and professional work. I am a personal construct therapist and that philosophy permeates every aspect of my work and style in therapy, consultations, supervision and working with teams. For nearly 40 years, I have been working with children and their families and teachers. I started my professional life as a residential social worker and then as a teacher in a residential special school for children with significant social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, many of whom had autism and/or ADHD, and/or attachment problems, though none had any diagnoses in those days. In 1989 I became educational psychologist in Leicester and then in Coventry. Since 1997, I have been a clinical psychologist in a specialist mental health service.

I am involved in teaching and training about autism and about personal construct psychology. I am part of the Coventry Constructivist Centre. I also deliver some of the PCP teaching on the Birmingham University Educational Psychology doctoral course. If you are interested in how I work with young people, have a look at some of the papers and the chapters in the ebook on the resources page. Outside work, my husband and I were foster carers for children with difficult behaviour and we have four adopted children. I am qualified as a clinical psychologist, an educational psychologist, a Personal Construct Psychology counsellor and a teacher of children with special educational needs.