Versions of the Exploring Situations and Problems (ESP) Cards

1. Cards with verbal labels

These cards have verbal labels to support children who find it difficult to talk about themselves and their experiences.
They a suitable for quick printing without backing colours. These may be easier to laminate if printed on paper (not guaranteed - you will need to try it out).

2. Cards without verbal labels

In this set, the ESP cards have no verbal labels. You will need to add labels in your own language, or use them blank and let the child add their own labels. Note that the rating cards in this set do have English labels because the English vocabulary is very basic.

If you only want the latest cards to upgrade from the 3rd to the 4th edition

These cards are for people who have Edition 3 and would like the additional cards. These include cards for a new sensory category, some new cards for events, emotions and reactions. These include some cards for with images showing some visible physical disabilities. These can replace those in your 3rd edition set.