The Coventry Grid

This is not a PCP tool but could be useful if you work with people with autism

The Coventry Grid

Nothing to do with PCP but its available here!

The Coventry Grid is an attempt to differentiate between autism and attachment problems based on clinical observations. The Grid has proved useful to clinicians and professionals working with children and adolescents. This is Version 2. If there are further revisions, they will always be found here. You can download the grid below.


Please pass it on to anyone who would find it useful or interesting. There are no viruses as I add this but I would always recommend you use a virus checker.

The Coventry Grid for Adults:

A tool to guide clinicians in differentiating complex trauma and autism. The adult version has been developed through collaboration of interested clinicians. It will be really useful for to think about older young people as well as adults.

The Coventry Grid Interview

There is an interview developed by colleagues in Sussex, UK.